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Known as the first American botanist and naturalist, responsible for cataloging virtually all of the native plants, trees and wildlife in the Southeastern United States, William Bartram is equally appreciated for his beautifully written and illustrated accountings of nature and of native American peoples. Bartram's path throughout his travels is known as the Bartram Trail, traversing the lower South, up the Savannah River through Augusta, to it headwaters in the mountains of North Carolina.

Today, a new community has been planned along the periphery of the most documented portions of the Bartram Trail. In the early 1990s a group of Augustans recognized the extraordinary beauty of the property located just west of Augusta on Columbia Road. The result of their discovery is a master-planned community in the truest sense, offering an outstanding recreational environment for families of all ages and configurations.

Bartram Trail is a community with a purpose, providing residents and the surrounding community an opportunity to be part of something even larger. Bartram Trail offers the Augusta area the first residential alternative where together, quality of life and preservation are the focus.

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